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Liminal Raven Ministries

Living in Magick

Living in Magick

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Modern pagans and witches are sorely lacking a non-fictional representation in society. We aren’t green skinned, wart on the nose villains. We are simply folk who believe and practice magick. Many of us are earth-based people who revere nature, and there are many that believe and worship the many Gods and Goddesses found through the myriad cultures of the World. These are some of our stories about the things that make us who and what we are. Stories on how our practices, beliefs, and rituals empower us and keep us strong. From our everyday rituals to connection with nature as a sacred entity, to personal stories of connecting with various spirits, our ancestors, and our deities- these are our stories of turning a mundane life into one filled with magick.

Living in Magick: Stories of everyday Magick, Paganism and Witchcraft is a collection of personal stories, poetry, devotion, prayers, photography and art from practicing witches, Wiccans, pagans, heathens, and polytheists.


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