About Us

   Welcome To Alchemy of Spirits! Thank you for stopping in! 

John Chmielewski - House Seer
Kelly Reinhardt - Bibliomancer / Artist
Jeanne Woods - Custom Chandler

   What is Alchemy of Spirits? Alchemy is "the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained". It was the ancient form of learning about spiritual growth through observations of experiments; using science and philosophy to lead to enlightenment. Therefore, Alchemy of Spirits is a place to experiment and learn about which path is your destiny.  We will provide experiences to go from ordinary to extraordinary! 

     Our belief is that all spiritual paths lead to the same end results: a better understanding and acceptance of ones self and your ability to positively impact community, humankind, and our planet. While the individual path is personal and unique, each requires a basic foundation to stand tall on. This is where we feel we can really assist others by providing you the resources, tools, and skills needed to be successful in your expedition to enlightenment. Then through continued learning, there is growth and empowerment for all of us.

     Alchemy of Spirits was created to provide quality spiritual service and care, and custom or familiar products for those seeking an individualized spiritual journey. Our core value is to create community health and involvement for the benefit of all seekers.

   Our journey of friendship began in Spanish class over 30 years ago. It continued to deepen through the laughter (occasionally at the expense of the other), the tears, life's hard times, and good times (which may or may not have involved shenanigan's). Our paths took us in different directions through the years, both physically and metaphorically,  but we always found home in the times which brought us back together.

     Fast forward many years, an evolving one of a kind friendship continues and involves another journey together. But this time we are assisting others who are searching for their empowerment during their spiritual transformation. Our dream took shape in 2020 when we launched the online shop. We bring our hand-crafted candles, sprays and oils, and nature inspired reclaimed art to psychic fairs and expos throughout the United States.