• Amy , UK

     I really like John, he’s honest and constructive. No fluff or airy fairy rubbish just good, to the point info. He got my humour too lol. Thanks John, I definitely recommend you :)

  • Marie N

    The Saturday morning meditations are a truly wonderful way to start a day.

    If you have arthritis or ant type of muscle pain I highly recommend Dragon the pain away. I have arthritis and a shin splint and I use the oil topically applied . The results are much better than the over the counter things I have tried.

  • Kyle B

    I love their brands mantra, their candor, and how approachable they are. Aside from being friends of mine they are Peers with a vast knowledge on a litany of subjects that far surpasses my own. Their “come as you are “ approach is inclusive of everyone… and that is what it’s all about.

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