Collection: The GreenWay

Nature Inspired Creations by Kelly


All these unique items are made in the way of the Fairies - using lost, broken, and thrown away objects along with findings from nature, these artistic creations upcycle discarded items transforming them into wonders of magick to add beauty and tranquility to your home. I have taken things bound for the junkyard, broken, old and unusable, and used nature to bring new life and new use.


The plant life used in these pieces have been collected by hand, dried and preserved to ensure long life and enjoyment. No ongoing maintenance or overgrowth - bringing a bit of nature into your life without worries! 


Each of these pieces is unique, because all are made from the things found, or collected, so no two end up being alike.


I started crafting these items for my own enjoyment as I began exploring my own spiritual path and am so happy to be able to share them with you to aid in your unique journey!


May the bounty of nature inspire you,

Kelly R.