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Alchemy of Spirits

The Morrigan's Call Retreat - 2024

The Morrigan's Call Retreat - 2024

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Bring the spirit of The Morrigan’s Call Retreat into your daily practice with our commemorative 2024 candle. The candle allows you to continue your journey of renewal while embracing your authentic self.

We combined the fiery spice of Ginger and Cinnamon with the earthy balance of Dragon’s Blood to create a unique fragrance to bring you back to your time with the Tuatha de Morrigan. Resin, root, and bark repeat in the crown while an asymmetric pour provides a unique visual experience. 

This 13-ounce consciously crafted 100% American Soy and Beeswax (lead-free wick) candle has been made with love in Buffalo, NY

50% of the purchase price of each candle sold will be donated to The Morrigan's Call Retreat.


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